Sticky Situation (Ep. 74)

The Orioles are losing, the sticky substance enforcement is dumb, our pets' heads are falling off!


The Orioles’ play at the major league level has been borderline unwatchable for much of the season, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to discuss. Anthony Santander appears hobbled. The MLB Draft is looming. Cedric Mullins deserves to start in the All-Star Game. And the Chance Sisco era has come to an end. The fellas are back together this week to talk about all of that and more.

Mike Elias has initiated a flurry of roster moves recently, and as luck would have it this episode was recorded prior to the DFA of Mickey Jannis and the promotion of Alex Wells. Rest assured we will get to it next week, plus maybe a Jahmai Jones call-up? Please?

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