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Recapping the 2023 Orioles (Ep. 116)

Recapping the 2023 Orioles (Ep. 116)

Although it ended in bitter fashion, this was still one heck of a summer in Baltimore.

Time can help provide perspective. It can also be used as an excuse for not recording an episode in about a month. I’ll let you guess as to which is the reason for the delay in getting you a pod recapping the 2023 Orioles.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Orioles play a baseball game. They were most recently being swept by the now-World Series champion Texas Rangers. Does it make it sting a little less than the Rangers went on to win the whole thing? Maybe, maybe not.

We can all admit at this point that the 2023 Orioles were a team with flaws. Those flaws were exposed by the Rangers. But make no mistake that this was a very, very good team. Winning 101 games is no accident, and even if future Orioles teams go farther in the postseason it’s entirely possible than none of them match this year’s team in terms of regular season performance. They were special.

Kyle Bradish emerged as a Cy Young candidate. Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson appear plenty capable of carrying the offense for the forseeable future. The farm system remains overflowing with talent. Things are going well in Birdland! Everything except for maybe the owner being a repugnant jerk, but that is from an Orioles-specific problem.

On this episode we dig into the highs and lows of a magical season, and we compare reality to our preseason predictions.

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The Warehouse Podcast
The Warehouse Podcast - a Baltimore Orioles podcast
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