Second Half, Best Half (Ep. 76)

The All-Star break was fun, and the Orioles are winning games, which is also fun!


Winning baseball games is more fun than losing baseball games. That’s just science.

The Orioles have been doing a lot more winning since the conclusion of the All-Star break than they were prior to the Midsummer Classic. Does that mean the Orioles are good now? No, but they might be less bad, and that’s worth celebrating.

Other things work celebrating all happened at or near the All-Star Game. Trey Mancini put on a show in the Home Run Derby, Cedric Mullins started the game, and Mike Elias has another draft class in the books. That was all pretty great, so the podcast focuses on it this.

Also up for debate is what the Orioles will do at this year’s trade deadline despite not having a ton of obvious chips worth dealing. Could Trey Mancini be headed out of town? Will the bullpen be up for sale? It will all become clear in just a few days.

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