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Recapping the 2022 Baltimore Orioles (Ep. 99)

Recapping the 2022 Baltimore Orioles (Ep. 99)

This was a fun season, but now it's over. We are very sad.

Unlike the previous four seasons, it was sad to see this Orioles campaign come to an end. September was a tough month, and ultimately they finished a few games out of the playoff picture. But it was the most magical season we’ve seen in these parts in quite some time, and promised a bright future.

A crucial offseason is ahead of this organization. Mike Elias has promised “liftoff” and claimed that the Orioles are now “back in the fight” for AL East supremacy. How that manifests in the winter months remains to be seen.

But there is plenty of time for that. As October continues on, and we watch the teams that edged out the O’s for a postseason spot, it feels appropriate to reflect on 2022, point out what went well, what could have gone better, and how we feel about the squad before any sort of transactions take place.

That is what this week’s episode is all about! Celebrate the good times. Give Brandon Hyde his plaudits. Shout out the unsung heroes. And everything in between!

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The Warehouse Podcast - a Baltimore Orioles podcast
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