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Orioles 2023 Season Preview (Ep. 103)

Orioles 2023 Season Preview (Ep. 103)

Ah, the joy of recording a podcast slightly early and then seeing news come down that entirely contradicts a chunk of the topics covered. So is the life of a sports podcast just days away from the beginning of baseball season.

Hopefully you still enjoy these 90+ minutes full of roster analysis, season predictions, and rosy ambition. Think of this as the most mundane time machine you could imagine that is only capable of transporting you to last week, when it seemed like Grayson Rodriguez was guaranteed an Opening Day roster spot and you had no idea Danny Coulombe existed. Simpler times indeed.

You can rest assured that some of the content in this episode is still relevant to the present day. There are discussions about the Orioles fascination with a backup first baseman, what the plan is with Gunnar Henderson, and how they will manage a bullpen with crucial injuries to begin the year. Plus, we make predictions that are sure to go wrong. That’s always fun to bottle up and throw back in our face months later.

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The Warehouse Podcast
The Warehouse Podcast - a Baltimore Orioles podcast
Join Tyler, Jesse, and Eli for a weekly chat about the Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball. The trio discusses baseball with a fan's perspective and an analytic slant.
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