Apr 4 • 48M

Minor League Preview 2022 (Ep. 88)

Many of the Orioles most important baby birds are nearing their big league debut, and this should prove to be a pivotal year down on the farm.

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Join Tyler, Jesse, and Eli for a weekly chat about the Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball. The trio discusses baseball with a fan's perspective and an analytic slant.
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Baseball starts this week! Due to the owner-induced lockout, both the majors and minors get underway in a few days. That’s exciting!

For the Orioles, this will be another season in which much of the most interesting goings on take place down on the farm. That is where all of the organization’s biggest names will begin their 2022 campaigns.

For some, like Adley Rutschman, Kyle Stowers, and D.L. Hall, it should be just a short warm-up prior to their debut in Baltimore. For others, it could be longer. And for the especially young ones in the group we will get a chance to watch them play a full season of professional baseball.

There are plenty of storylines that you can dream upon: Rutschman’s emergence, the comeback of Heston Kjerstad, a full look at the 2021 draftees, and what the future of the Orioles’ infield could look like.

And perhaps the biggest moment could once again belong to the draft, where the O’s will be picking first overall, and are poised to have the largest signing pool in the league. For at least one more year, the sport’s best farm system will get better.

That’s what this episode is all about, with a major league-specific episode to follow later this week.

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