Future Focused (Ep. 75)

Orioles fans had plenty to cheer about this week, even if the team continues to be a disaster.


There was actual fun baseball stuff to talk about this week. Imagine that! The Orioles were bad on the field once again, but that won’t damper the mood as Trey Mancini is about to take part in the annual Home Run Derby, Cedric Mullins should be starting in the All-Star Game, and Colton Cowser is the newest Orioles minor leaguer.

It was a rare good week in Birdland, and the week ahead is promising to be even better. For a podcast that focuses on a team about to lose 110 games, you take the positives where you can get them.

The boys discuss all of the above, plus they have a frank discussion at the end about the limits of tanking and the responsibility a front office has to maintain a watchable product while being open with the fanbase about the immediate future. It was a good conversation that we would welcome our audience to chime in on. If you have thoughts, feel free to reach out on social media or via email at thewarehousepod@gmail.com.

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