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Draft & Trade Deadline Look Back (Ep. 97)

Draft & Trade Deadline Look Back (Ep. 97)

It's a way too late recap of the 2022 draft & trade deadline. Given nearly a month to digest, how did the O's do?

It can be difficult to properly assess substantial transactions in the moment. The draft is a barrage of scouting reports and highlight videos that the typical fan can never hope to properly digest. The trade deadline is full of rumors and whining that can blur reality. Sometimes it makes sense to slow down, wait, and then provide analysis weeks later.

And sometimes you have a really hectic life that prevents you from getting a relevant podcast up in a timely way.

Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.

The Orioles were busy at the end of July and start of August. They took Jackson Holliday with the number one overall pick, and then sold at the deadline, moving Trey Mancini and Jorge Lopez to a disappointed—but not surprised—response from the fan base.

It was a conscious decision from the front office to not supplement the 2022 Orioles with major league talent. Instead, they will fill holes from the inside and make their best effort to get to the postseason regardless.

More than two weeks have passed since this podcast was actually recorded. Surprisingly, the Orioles remain in the thick of the playoff race and could be nearing a promotion of several prominent prospects. Whether that was the expectation from Mike Elias and company, you cannot argue that this team, as assembled, is the best in Baltimore since at least 2016.

What a wonderful and weird season 2022 has been.

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The Warehouse Podcast - a Baltimore Orioles podcast
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