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Draft & Trade Deadline Extravaganza (Ep. 95)

Draft & Trade Deadline Extravaganza (Ep. 95)

The fun times keep rolling in Birdland as Mike Elias preps for a crucial stretch of the season.

The Orioles have won 10 in a row, their longest streak of the century! They are a WINNING baseball team in July for the first time since 2017. I feel the magic happening, which is why now is the perfect time to talk about the future instead.

Let’s be honest, Mike Elias is not going to go “all in” on the 2022 Orioles, and we could probably agree that there is some sense to that plan. After all, we all know this roster has some notable holes that likely preclude it from a deep postseason run. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun to see them try anyway.

But with the MLB Draft just days away, and the trade deadline a couple of weeks later, we figured we would pack the two topics together into an extravaganza of epic baseball-ing proportions.

For now, this is our final planned episode of July, but a seismic trade or a noteworthy draft could change that.

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The Warehouse Podcast
The Warehouse Podcast - a Baltimore Orioles podcast
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