Mar 17 • 1HR 23M

Baseball Unlocked! (Ep. 87)

A full 162-game season is ahead, and the players managed to improve their financial footing just a bit. Let's chat about it.

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Join Tyler, Jesse, and Eli for a weekly chat about the Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball. The trio discusses baseball with a fan's perspective and an analytic slant.
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The lockout is no more! Just days after we assumed it would drag on for weeks or even months more, the players and team owners came to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. As expected, the players got screwed, but just less so than before. So, yay?

It’s kind of impossible to determine how good or bad a CBA is right away. We need to see how the league and owners poke holes it in and exploit weaknesses. Rest assured, it will happen.

But what is undoubtedly positive is that the players succeeded in raising the minimum salary and the creation of the pre-arbitration bonus pool. Both of them should be bigger, but it is an improvement and should provide players with more compensation earlier in their careers.

On this week’s episode the guys discuss the specifics of the deal and remain annoyed with billionaires. Then, they dive into the bits of Orioles news that have rolled in, including the Carlos Correa rumors that feel too good to be true.

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