Love Locked Out (Ep. 85)Listen now | Baseball is on pause, and we are sour about it!
Previewing the Orioles' Offseason (Ep. 84)Listen now | So begins an uncertain winter that should see the O's make a number of changes.
The 2021 Orioles: In Memoriam (Ep. 83)Listen now | At long last, the pain and suffering has ended. Let's review!
Positives in a putrid season (Ep. 82)Listen now | The Orioles season wraps up this week, and there are actually a few good things about them. That's neat!
Brandon Hyde to return as Orioles manager (Ep. 81)Listen now | As the season nears its end, the O's have reveal that their skipper will be back in 2022.
The Orioles are actually kind of fun (Ep. 80)Listen now | September has been much more fun than August
The Orioles stopped the losing...for a little while (Ep. 79)Listen now | The nightmare is over. The Orioles have won a game, two even. But the rebuild continues on.
Chris Davis retires, National writers rip Orioles (Ep. 78)Listen now | This past week saw the Orioles lose a ton of games while being raked through the coals by just about everyone in sports media. Yay?
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